Hello. As a mother of four, I am acutely aware of how challenging and chaotic family life can be.
Sometimes it can feel confusing, overwhelming and that your whole life revolves around your little ones.  I understand this effects both parents and can place stress on the relationship with your spouse.

Over my 11 years as a parent and twenty years as a professional, I have learned effective and long lasting ways to create the home I want. Calm, happy, easy to manage and a life in which I have the space and time to fulfil all those dreams and wishes I have as an individual. Some days it may be playing with my children, some days it may be reading a book on the couch and some days it may be building a website for my work. But I have learnt ways to have these and I want to share them with you. 

The process I facilitate with families is proven, tailored to your needs and wants, instantly effective and long lasting. Families use the techniques I show them throughout the remainder of their lives to help them deal with any situation or experience that raises struggle or conflict. The techniques help you, and your children, move through the situation and onto the next part of your life. Life is full of ups and downs, I cannot eliminate those for you, nobody can, but I can reduce their frequency, the effect they have on you and your family and show you how to be calm and happy throughout.

Many families that seek my help have been on a roller coaster of intervention: GP's, paediatricians, mother baby units, social workers, psychologists, dieticians and even medication.  The process allows you to step off that rollercoaster and adopt a single formula to help your family.
Family life can become easy and joyful for you no matter what your circumstances are. You may have a child with autism, a baby who won’t sleep (ever!), a toddler who screams, a teenager with dysfunctional eating behaviour or maybe just the family life that you didn’t think you would have.  The process will reduce, sometimes eliminate, but always improve these circumstances for you.

It is simple and this is the moment when your life can begin to get better.

Will you let me help?

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