Mother to an 18 month old son

Before we met Nicole our new family was completely exhausted and far from happy. We had already seen numerous doctors, paediatricians, child health nurses, lactation consultants and even had a stay in the mother baby unit.


Henry was diagnosed with having reflux and was on prescription medication. We were told we had a “difficult baby”. Stressed, anxious, exhausted Mum was unable to breast-feed so in-between trying to get the baby to sleep she was expressing. Henry would only feed in a front pack, he required constant attention, would only sleep 45mins at a time, and would only sleep with a dummy. He also CRIED a lot! It was a situation that could not last much longer.

We felt as a family that our dream of being happy, sailing the world and traveling was over….

When Nicole came to our door, we felt a feeling of instant relief; we finally had the help we needed. Nicole’s relaxed, kind personality felt like we were chatting to a friend.

After Nicole left on day 3 our baby was the baby we had dreamt of in pregnancy. On Day 1 Henry was feeding normally and off prescription medication. He was able to self-settle and sleep longer than 45 minutes. By day three he was sleeping through the night, flexible in his day sleeps and able to sleep in the pram and car. Most importantly though, he was happy.

We have now done a lot of traveling overseas and sailing trips with Henry, he certainly now is able to go with the flow…….


Words will never describe how grateful our family is that we met Nicole. She truly helped us get back to the life we always wanted to live. She bought back happiness.


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