Mother of a 13 year old girl


When I first contacted Nicole my thirteen year old daughter, Charlotte, had only attended school for a total of nine days in the previous two school terms. Charlotte had experienced some recent  trauma and as a result began to shut down and withdraw.  She had ceased showering, began self-harming, reversed her days and nights (staying awake almost all night and sleeping all day), and refused to attend school.  Charlotte’s high school although being supportive had failed to come up with a plan that Charlotte would participate in, and although other counsellors had also assisted in some ways Charlotte was still unable to move forward and manage herself more successfully.


Nicole worked with me to help me understand about Charlottes loops of behaviour; how they began, what they represented and how to help Charlotte create change in them.  This information was invaluable in supporting Charlotte in changing her behaviours.  Nicole also worked with Charlotte, gently showing her how her brain was creating these loops which were actually dysfunctional and disallowing her to enjoy her life.  Nicole empowered Charlotte in understanding that she had the power to change these loops and showed her simple and effective ways of doing so.


I am proud to say Charlotte has attended school each day of 2016 except two (due to an ear infection).  Nicole offered support during this time of illness to ensure that Charlotte, once recovered, did not slip back into her old loops of behaviour again.  The process has given us all a framework to understand behaviour more deeply and given us the skills to create change in behaviour quickly and easily.


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