We were blessed to meet nicole through a friend of a friend, who suggested she might be able to help us with some enormous behavioural issues we were dealing with for both our boys aged 4 and 5 at the time. Our eldest had been recently diagnosed with autism and this didn't sit well with me at all, my heart was telling me something different and that this wasn't the path for my child. His younger brother copied everything he did, and if one had a bad day the other joined in. It was exhausting, emotionally draining and challenging in every aspect. 

I believed the issues were connected to what was happening at home, and somehow connected to me. The behaviours were extreme, 3 hour tantrums, yelling and screaming and demanding of me all the time, refusal to be around their dad, not eating properly, the eldest was still in nappies and bedtime was our biggest difficulty. I'd been surviving, just scraping through on about 3 hours broken sleep for weeks, months and years! My boys would wake between 6-9 times per night, screaming for no reason for hours, and it would take me until almost midnight every night to get them to sleep! I was exhausted, we were living day by day, my sons behaviour dictated what we did as a family ... We were all miserable! And living in crisis! There was nothing normal about our days, and dare I say it I hated being with my children because all their behaviour was heightened around me, they were controlling, demanding and relentless. I was desperate for help, and desperate for someone to come into my home, where I needed the help most. 

I spoke with Nicole, she seemed to understand, she seemed certain she could help ... My heart filled with hope. I couldn't wait for her to arrive. We didn't know what to expect when she came, and I was prepared to do absolutely anything she asked. The process was beyond simple, right there in front of us the whole time ... We simply needed the right guidance, the right instruction and the right tools to bring enormous change into our home. Nicole brings an amazing presence and calmness when she visits, just having her in our home meant we were calmer too. She really is one of a kind, thank you for being you! and helping us with the wealth of knowledge and understanding you hold. 

I watched my sons so called autistic behaviours and difficulties disappear with a few hours ... Things we'd struggled with for ever simply went away. My eldest went without a nappy from the very first night, and hasn't used one since! Despite being advised he didn't have the understanding to go without them. Amongst countless other changes. Our boys were just being little boys, enjoying all the usual things little boys liked to do. The yelling stopped, the behaviours disappeared and life became so much more pleasurable. 

It didn't end there, Nicole offered persistent and compassionate continued support for 6 or more months afterwards, and we still keep in touch. Thank you Nicole for finding your way to us, for sharing your amazing life skills, and for being part of our family in such an amazing way.


Update:  Kim's son has been reassessed by their Psychologist, and is now not regarded as displaying any Autism Spectrum behaviour.

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