Mother of 12 week old boy

My husband Stuart and I could not have been more elated when our little baby boy Liam was born.  We of course had all the dreams that first time parents have of a happy content family unit.  We realized that it would be hard work and difficult at times as this little person would change our lives forever.

However we weren’t expecting it to be so difficult that we would dread when ever Liam was awake as it meant he would cry all the time.  “We weren’t meant to feel this way” we would say “Where is that overwhelming feeling of love we should have?”  Everything just confused us, the way we felt about our innocent baby and how we were feeling towards each other.

We listened to advice from every corner of our lives friends, parents and sisters.  In the end I was convinced Liam suffered badly from wind or maybe colic.  I even began to think that he may have ADHD as he was so alert, never slept and always cried!!  We went to the doctors twice to be told he was healthy and fine.  We had a health nurse come to our home and teach us controlled crying, which I hated doing and inevitably didn’t work.  I blamed myself for not being able to breastfeed, not understanding his cries and most of all not being able to make him happy.

Both my husband and I felt totally helpless and by week 8 we were so exhausted.  Things should get better soon we thought but by 11 weeks things were worse.  Liam slept for only 8 hours in a 24 hour period and would cry for the entire time he was awake, he wanted to be held ALL the time and feeding was very difficult.

I heard about Nicole and managed to convince my sceptical husband to give it a try.  Nicole came to our house when Liam was 12 weeks old and today as I write this he is 16 weeks and I pinch myself everyday and cannot believe what a smiley gorgeous little boy we have.

Nicole spent 3 days and 3 nights with us taking us through the process.  We could never have imagined how such a simple and easy process applied to our everyday life could make such a difference.

Yes day 1 was tough but with Nicole’s support, encouragement and caring nature we got through it.

Day 2 was amazing to see Liam sleeping so much better and by day 3 our precious little boy was so content and happy we thought he must have been swapped with a new Liam through the night!!!   He is sleeping 7 hours a night, feeding brilliantly (he has grown so much) and smiles and laughs throughout the day with daytime sleeps an easy part of his daily routine now.

Liam now only cries when he actually wants something and usually I can read him so well that I can give him what he wants before he cries!!  ………..IT’S UNREAL.   

There are so many wonderful things about the Process that we love.  The support we are able to give Liam from understanding him so much better.  The fact that the process not only focuses on the child but also us as parents and the support given to us by Nicole not only for the 3 days but after as well!!!                 It is truly a wonderful process and we will be forever thankful to Nicole for giving us such a wonderful gift………The happy content family unit we had always dreamt of.                                         

Mary, Stuart and baby Liam

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