Mother of eight month old boy

Parenthood is all about P's: perseverance, patience, pleasure and the process, well for me anyway!!  My son has been strong willed from day one, he was the only one in mothers group who didn't sleep day or night.  I sought out information, products and professional help (mother/baby unit & parenting centre) in a bid to help my little one sleep. 


It was so difficult to settle him that he was eventually prescribed Vallergan when he was 8 months old.  He took Vallergan every night and without it, he would wake every two hours every night!  Finally I found Nicole and the 'Process'. 


When I first met Nicole I didn’t think I could go ahead with the process, I was so confused and overloaded, but we had tried everything else and it was our last resort.  The three days were extremely hard emotionally but I gained so much insight into myself and my family.  Since day 1 of the process we have only had a handful of nights where Dylan has woken and now we have a solid day sleep routine also.  The process has not changed the fact that I still love and guide my son, but it has given us a more loving, more PEACEFUL, and more beautiful life together.

Sally, Shane and baby Dylan

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