Nicole offers several in-home services helping families become the calm, content household they have always hoped for.

Training for Professionals

A training program specifically created for child care professionals, teachers & teacher aides, social workers, psychologists.

You may have experienced limited results with the traditional methods employed to correct difficult behaviour in children.  The proven methods revealed through this course overturn the ineffective aspects of entrenched thinking and enable you, through both a new understandng of the psychology of the problem, and a well defined practical skill set, to quickly bring about long lasting change in behaviour. 

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Pre-Natal Consultation

During a two and a half hour consultation in the comfort and privacy of your own home, expecting parents will be given information and practical strategies around feeding, 
sleep and play time. The basics of newborn parenting are 
covered in order to help new parents bring their baby home in 
This can also be purchased as a gift for new parents. Ideal for 
a group baby shower gift.

New Baby Consultation

A four hour in-home consultation tailored for newborn babies 
up to six weeks of age. The consultation includes hands-on
assistance with one sleep, feed, play cycle.  Parents will gain a clear understanding of their baby’s biorhythms and learn how to foster an easy transition between cycles.  Your baby can be  content and easy to manage.


Three Day Baby Process

Designed for babies requiring constant attention and experiencing difficulty with
sleep, feeding and general contentedness, this three day process takes place in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The process assists babies to become independent across their development as well as giving parents hands-on practical skills to help their baby and themselves. You can help your baby become a calm, happy sleeper.

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Bec, Monica, Sally, Kate

Five Day Family Process.

This process is designed for children presenting with a diagnosis or difficult behaviour specifically around sleep, eating, toileting, self-care and independent play.  Also targeting tantrums, aggression, anxiety and narcissism, the process is designed to create independence for children whilst calming their behaviour.  Parents will benefit from the practical strategies included in the module. If you feel overwhelmed and are looking for a more peaceful home, this process is for you.

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Adult / Teenager Module

This process takes place over a period of three weeks in the comfort of your own home. Tailored for adults and teenagers experiencing anxiety, depression, phobias and disordered eating, this module provides participants with the skills to free themselves of limiting feelings, thoughts and behaviours.  Parent/child relationships strained through dysfunctional or difficult behaviour also benefit greatly from this module.  Establishing a calm and relaxed family home is within your reach. 

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Nicole assists families to turn the chaos into calm. 

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